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Project Management

Sparkle Consulting brings you a specific service with a dedicated engagement. Whether you are buying or selling your property, our team of experts can assist. with consultancy bringing you the best real estate enterprise, mortgage finance and the marketing for your project.

Sales Management

Sparkle Consulting brings you a Tailor made Service with a dedicated engagement We involve, formulation of sales strategies, development of account management, sales force compensation, sales revenues & forecasts, sales plan, implementation of sales strategy through selecting, training, motivating and supporting sales force, setting sales revenue targets and sales force management through development and implementation of sales performance, monitoring, and evaluation methods, analysis of associated behavioral patterns and costs.

Sparkle e-CRM©

Sparkle e-CRM© to conquer and retain your customers Our CRM solution will allow you to master the knowledge of your customers and manage efficiently the follow-up of your exchanges (e-mail, appointments, calls, tasks, opportunities, orders, sales and invoice). All customer information, trade and actions are centralized within a web application, ensuring immediate access to any place and any time.


Sparkle Consult, a source of ideas, answers and solutions at the heart of your offices to boost the results. Whatever the issue at stake might be, leave it to us! Our consult are always eager for new challenges and make sure our clients are 100% satisfied at the end of the day.

We are expert in business development services and solutions