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About Us


At your side on a daily basis, we adapt our range of services to your ambition and determine your needs together. Leader in real estate consulting, financial assistance and insurance, telecommunications, medical assistance, or simply in launching new business opportunities, Sparkle Consulting guarantees you the highest success rate of your business objective.

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The Sparkle Consulting approach is defined by a main value given to the result. We see our contribution at your side only with the sole aim of helping you achieve your objectives and produce results.

Team strength

The Sparkle Consulting approach also stands out from the majority of agencies, because it is based on the method of providing you with all the necessary expertise and collaborators from our extensive network, which is useful in achieving guaranteed results.

Experience & Strategy

Thanks to years of experience in the business development sector, in sales expertise and consulting, Sparkle Consulting key feature, is our ability to provide the best possible strategy and advices.

Savings Time & Money

Because not selling or not developing is a step back, Sparkle Consulting has only one goal, to offer you the best support in order to save you time and money.


01. Staffing Solution

In order to put all our efficiency on our sides, we proceed to set up a team of specialized collaborators adapted to the services you want to set up with us. This task force will be reviewed frequently and readjusted if necessary to ensure the efficiency of mission execution.

02. Understand Your Business and Objectives

The second step of our mission is to understand exactly the specificities of your business. Through an in-depth audit, it will be necessary to analyse the way you work, the strengths and possible weaknesses of your business model. From this information in particular, it will be taken the time necessary to understand your objectives and what you are trying to achieve through our services, for the good of your business.

03. Develop a Plan & Implementation

Thirdly, after these first two steps necessary for the proper conduct of the mission, a specific action plan will be drawn up that is adapted to your characteristics, your particular objectives and as effective as possible. We will also implement this plan to maximize its efficiency and ensure that your objectives are achieved in a guaranteed way.

04. Become a value added Partner

The results obtained and your satisfaction achieved, it will then be obvious for Sparkle Consulting to remain at your side and bring, as much as you wish, value in the conduct of your business.